Tech, Data & Digital Transformation

During the next decade, the performance of every business will be defined by the pace of its digital transformation as existing rules are rewritten and business models challenged.

Companies that  successfully embrace digital transformation will stand out as winners while others that are slower to adapt and adopt will fall behind.

Technology as a strategic differentiator

Mayfair helps management teams to plan, design and implement their technology and digital strategies. Whether technology is your business or simply helps to operate it more effectively, we work across product development, systems automation and data capabilities, taking advantage of deflating infrastructure costs to increase the pace of transformation while maximising ROI.

We help portfolio companies to:

  • Deepen customer relationships and create operating efficiencies through use of technology.
  • Explore new business models and opportunities by leveraging data as an asset while helping management teams to make better decisions and monetise their data.
  • Develop and deploy software, utilising best practice to ensure efficient delivery and end user uptake.
    Implement cyber security and undertake IT risk mitigation.
    Undertake cost-effective technology procurement with counsel on buy vs. build vs. partner decisions.
  • Identify and hire technology talent to reflect portfolio companies’ maturity and commercial objectives.