Sales Effectiveness and Customer Insight

Sales effectiveness is a key component of our Active Partnership Plans  

We work with management teams to ensure that customer insight and product market fit is at the heart of business strategy to drive revenue growth.

Finding better ways of working

We implement sales effectiveness across a number of areas, including:
  • Sales team structure – we support management to create team structures that operate efficiently to maximise revenue.
  • Sales processes – we help to design a step-by-step process from lead generation and qualification through to conversion. This includes pipeline management, sales script development and customer contact strategies.
  • Salesforce training – we create training programmes, equipping teams with the tools to operate at a high standard.
  • Reward, recognition and compensation plans – we develop plans that motivate sales teams to perform to their full potential.
  • Customer success – we help to run bespoke customer research and insight projects supplemented with real time data from innovative sales tech to embed customer thinking in sales organisations.
  • Pricing strategy – we develop strategies that maximise monetisation by providing products and services that deliver genuine value at the right price point.
  • Software and systems – we work with a range of external providers to provide systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and revenue intelligence software.

Streisan Bevan, Director, Specialist –  Sales Effectiveness and Customer Insight