Operational Effectiveness

Operational improvements, focussed on the core of a company’s business model, are an essential part of Active Partnership Plans.  

We work with management teams to build more efficient, productive and leaner businesses to reduce costs, to improve margin and grow EBITDA. We also focus on improving working capital performance to free up cash which can then be invested elsewhere.

Finding better ways of working

We look to drive incremental value in areas including:

  • Lean manufacturing and lean processes – to increase production output, optimise labour usage and reduce waste.

  • Strategic sourcing – a best-in-class approach to joint process improvement; reviewing sources of supply and finding better suppliers to deliver greater quality at a lower cost.

  • Logistics optimisation – optimising internal and third party logistics networks to reduce costs; focussing on procurement to deliver the best possible price from an optimum network of suppliers.

  • Working capital optimisation – defining optimum working capital levels across debtors, creditors, stock and with cross functional mechanisms to realise cash and cost benefits.

Rob Curwen, Managing Director, Specialist – Operational Effectiveness

“Rob’s support has been central to driving successful operational change in our business across Europe and the United States. Working with Rob is a real pleasure: he has a breadth of knowledge and experience, which he passes on enabling others to grow and learn to improve operational performance across our entire business. We see him as a core member of our own management team and a major reason for our success.“

Nigel Smith, Chief Operations Officer, Promise Gluten Free.