Human Capital

The shape, make-up and attitude of your workforce are all hugely influential in determining what your business can achieve.

We look to provide support, advice and guidance to the CEOs we partner with on how to evolve their leadership function to facilitate the delivery of their business plan.

Advanced organisational planning

We future proof businesses through advanced organisational planning. As businesses grow, their shape, function and capabilities need to be planned in advance to ensure successful strategic delivery.

It’s also essential to build leadership capabilities, influence behaviour and culture to ensure long-term organisational health. People can be the biggest differentiator in any business; their performance and commitment is often the key component of success.

How we can help

We focus on four areas of human capital: structure, planning, capabilities and culture.


This begins with the creation of organisational and team blueprint which outlines the shape of a business and how this will need to evolve as it scales. Key roles and capability requirements – as well as important gaps – are identified and a long-term people plan delivered.


We then provide leadership and skills development for management teams, as well as recruitment and succession planning to accommodate plans for future growth.

When the team model is designed and the right talent in place, the focus turns to team culture, with the objective of maximising productivity and resilience while maintaining momentum as the business grows.

“Our Senior Leadership team thoroughly enjoy partnering with Jana – we have the most thought-provoking and useful conversations when she’s in the room. She has been instrumental in getting some big, board projects off the ground and has worked with us in a pragmatic, calm and fun manner. She is an absolute joy to work with and the team greatly value her input, insight and expertise.”

Haley Tiptaft, People Director, Talon