Environmental, Social and Governance  

We believe that all companies should do more than simply meet their strategic objectives and financial targets.

We know that adoption of the right approach to ESG has a measurable impact on value. That’s why we work with management teams to ensure they are operating on robust foundations.

Surpassing expected standards

When businesses scale at speed, it is essential they do so from a position of stability and strength.

Based on recognised Environmental, Social and Governance principles, our approach provides a development framework to enable businesses to respond quickly to changing market conditions with heightened sustainability and reduced risk.

We work with management teams to design and implement the ESG systems, policies and procedures that support core business functions as the company grows.

We identify climate-related issues that may affect the future of every business we partner with. This includes the delivery of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) scenario analysis and ensuring that energy obligations meet Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation where applicable. We also aim to identify and implement energy-related savings during our investment period.

We work to ensure that robust data security systems and Modern Slavery practices are in place in each of our portfolio companies, and we encourage every management team to ensure diversity across their business, from the boardroom to entry-level positions.

The net result is a solid foundation with peace of mind for leadership teams, deeper staff engagement and greater confidence among external stakeholders that the businesses we invest in have the highest standards in environmental and social performance.

Operational optimisation

We work in partnership with management teams to ensure that governance, compliance and risk procedures are in place. Our expertise spans everything from board pack transformation and timely reporting to tax and insurance reviews, as well as integrating appropriate technology platforms to provide a comprehensive and coherent set of operational safeguards.

Maria Carradice Managing Director, Specialist – Environmental, Social and Governance

“Maria was extremely helpful in guiding us through the planning and preparation phases for the transition to a new ERP. This included introducing technical consultants from her network to lead a system selection and evaluation process; she also encouraged us to employ an implementation specialist and advised on a governance framework. Maria’s contribution has been extremely valuable and saved us considerable time, money and stress.“

Grant Murray, CFO, Talon Outdoor