Our Approach

Investing in active

We believe that successful investments are built on our commitment to Active Partnerships.

We develop strong working relationships with the management teams we back and work at all levels of portfolio companies to identify and unlock growth opportunities throughout the duration of our investments.

Active Partnership Plans

Our team of senior Specialists are experts in business process improvement who work across a number of growth-related functions. They are available, for free, to all our management teams to build and support the delivery of Active Partnership Plans, which identify incremental opportunities to improve performance, accelerate growth and enhance shareholder value.

Operational Effectiveness

Rob Curwen

Human Capital

Jana Klimecki

Integration Planning

Paul Reading

Marketing Effectiveness

Nick Keegan

Environmental, Social and Governance

Maria Carradice

Tech, Data & Digital Transformation

Thomas Nielsen

Sales Effectiveness and Customer Insight

Streisan Bevan

Scaling in new markets

With deep experience of supporting businesses as they expand into overseas markets, particularly the United States, we provide the intelligence and guidance needed to build critical momentum, whether through organic growth or strategic M&A activity. 80% of our investments have completed an acquisition outside of their home market and 60% of our investments have launched in the US during our investment period, either organically or via acquisition.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles in our own business, as well as working alongside our portfolio teams to develop strong ESG credentials, monitor risks and identify value creation opportunities. We are proud signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investing (UN PRI) and strive for continuous ESG improvement to deliver sustainable growth responsibly.