Active Partnerships

Finance & Tax

With an eye on both compliance and risk mitigation, we assess and optimise the technology and administrative functions supporting financial activity across a business. We interrogate tax liabilities, review payment processes and verify the suitability and performance of IT systems.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

For 21st century businesses, self-belief must be matched by self-awareness. At Mayfair, because ESG principles are embedded deep within our own business and across our portfolio, we are able to advise on best practice, helping management teams to build trust among stakeholder communities and deliver impacts that are both sustainable for the business and positive

Human capital & people performance

The shape, make-up and attitude of your workforce are all hugely influential in determining what your business can achieve. We partner with management teams to assemble, manage and develop the ideal blend of people and skills needed to achieve and sustain peak performance. We focus on three main areas:  Structure: Creating a team blueprint, where

Operational effectiveness

With professionalism, rigour and discretion, we dig down into the minutiae of business operations to uncover untapped operational gains. We look for efficiencies and enhancements wherever they can be found, whether in forecasting and procurement or working capital and lean processes.

Sales force effectiveness

By identifying gaps and opportunities within sales operations, we work with management to align strategy, systems and structure behind a clear, detailed improvement plan. From supporting sales teams through the development of account planning to enhancing CRM capabilities, our focus is on efficient processes, effective people and transformational results.


Don’t leave money on the table. It’s a phrase that might have become a cliché, but it is rooted in the truth that many companies are missing highly valuable opportunities to extend their margins and take market share. We support management teams in optimising their price strategies, maximising available capacity for revenue generation and profitability.

Brand, marketing & digital media

We’re not here to change who you are – our expertise is in sharpening your approach to meet commercial KPIs. This includes helping you define or refine your brand and proposition, structuring your marketing function and facilitating training to optimise team performance, and optimising digital and social media marketing to drive growth.

M&A and post-merger integration

From sourcing opportunities to smoothing the process and accelerating anticipated benefits, we delicately support all aspects of M&A activity. Our proprietary methodology focuses on seven priority areas that, taken together, provide the building blocks for post-deal success. Vision and integration strategy Day One readiness IMO and governance Operating model synergies Engagement, culture & communications Synergy

International expansion

With a breadth of experience in international expansion, particularly in the US, we provide the intelligence necessary to navigate the nuances of local markets and build critical momentum, whether through organic growth or strategic M&A activity.

Value-creation planning

Based on a strategic analysis of business performance and plans, we work with the leadership teams of our portfolio businesses to identify specific areas where we believe there are new opportunities for growth. The resulting blueprint maps out a series of clear steps that add incremental value to individual areas while collectively enhancing overall performance.