Building a category-defining pet and travel community through accelerated internationalisation, marketing excellence and best-in-class product development




Brighton, UK

Geographic footprint






Investment date
December 2023



The company

TrustedHousesitters is the leading travel solution for pet people, connecting pet owners with pet sitters around the world. Pet owners can find verified sitters to look after their pets while they’re away from home and, in return, sitters are able to visit destinations across the globe for a unique and rewarding travel experience. Access to the community is granted through payment of an annually recurring subscription, generating significant savings for TrustedHousesitters’ customers the more they use the platform.

The investment

Long-running trends including the premiumisation of the pet sector, the digitisation of pet services and the desire for authentic travel experiences, means that TrustedHousesitters is well positioned for fast-paced future expansion. Mayfair is backing management’s plan to drive the company’s growth by capitalising on the innate “talkability” of its proposition and by accelerating word-of-mouth referrals.

Our partnership

Mayfair is working closely with management in several areas including marketing strategy, developing an enhanced product roadmap, and accelerating international expansion.

“From our very first meeting, the Mayfair team impressed us, a sentiment that has only strengthened with each subsequent interaction. Their expertise in expanding consumer marketplace businesses set them apart, and the skillset of their Specialist team coupled with their collaborative spirit and friendly approach, made the choice to partner with Mayfair on our growth journey, a straightforward and easy decision.”

Mathew Prior, CEO of TrustedHouseSitters