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Leveraging performance marketing excellence to accelerate international growth.


Consumer - digital


London, UK

Geographic footprint

UK, Europe, US





Investment date
December 2020


Current, Partially exited

The company

Established in the UK in 2002, Seraphine has grown to become a leading global brand in this attractive specialist niche, shipping to over 127 countries around the world with over 70% of sales generated outside of the UK. The company’s success has been driven by sustained product innovation and best-in-class digital marketing capabilities. On the former, Seraphine’s offering focuses on thoughtful styling, fit and functionality to support the pregnancy journey, as well as nursing and post-partum, at a premium but attainable price point. On the latter, Seraphine’s industry-leading digital marketing capabilities has allowed Seraphine to become a digitally-led brand, with c. 90% of sales generated online.

The investment

Mayfair backed the Management Buyout of Seraphine in December 2020. The management team has an outstanding track record of delivering profitable growth in new markets around the world and we’re excited to be able to support them in the next phase of Seraphine’s growth.


On 16 July 2021, Seraphine was admitted to the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. Mayfair worked closely with management to deliver the IPO, after which Mayfair has remained a minority shareholder.

Our partnership

Mayfair has worked closely with management in several areas including brand strategy, the recruitment of new team members, the creation of an ESG strategy, the development of company’s technology strategy and supply chain improvements.

“From the outset it was clear that Mayfair put people first and as a tight knit cross-functional executive team this was extremely important to us. This, combined with their digital focus, investment track record, and experience in scaling businesses in the US meant they were the ideal partner to support our next stage of growth. We look forward to embarking on the next leg of our journey with a partner that can help us build an even better business.”

David Williams, CEO of Seraphine