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Advancing the development of technologies that redefine how people interact with machines.




Bristol, UK

Geographic footprint

UK, United States




Investment date

November 2018



The company

Ultrahaptics was founded in 2014 and quickly emerged as a pioneer in the field of virtual touch, using ultrasound technology to enable people to feel and manipulate virtual objects in mid-air without needing peripheral devices. With world-leading technology in haptics and hand tracking and an accelerating market opportunity with near limitless commercial application potential, this is a high-growth company of the future.

The investment

Mayfair’s investment in November 2018 has helped the company become a world leader in tracking and haptics technologies. The 2019 acquisition of Leap Motion, one of the world’s foremost gesture tracking companies, has enabled the enlarged Ultraleap to deliver an end-to-end proposition with the capability to revolutionise how people interact with the digital world.

Our partnership

Mayfair has supported the business in several areas including:

  • Backing the acquisition of long-time partner Leap Motion to reposition the enlarged Ultraleap for accelerated growth as a world leading Human‐Machine-Interface (HMI) platform with a wealth of patents and a portfolio of innovative hardware and software solutions.

  • Supporting the management team to establish rigorous operational controls and processes as part of a post-merger integration process.

  • Delivering on a new growth strategy to focus on securing major licencing and royalty agreements with technology enterprise customers.

  • Providing access to expertise across the breadth of Mayfair, from insight on brand development to best-in-class financial reporting, tax planning and insurance arrangements.

“Mayfair really bought into the vision we have as a company. It was clear from the very beginning that they weren’t going to be a passive shareholder, but they were going to be actively engaged and high value-adding. It really is a partnership.”

Tom Carter, Founder and CEO of Ultraleap