Scaling from diversified ICT provider to national technology services champion.




London, UK

Geographic footprint

UK, US, Malaysia




Investment date
May 2018



The company

GCI is one of the UK’s leading converged Information and Communications Technology (ICT) providers. The business delivers solutions including collaboration software, cloud and hosting, connectivity, security and managed services to help companies on their digital transformation journey.

Headcount Growth since Mayfair’s investment


Number of acquisitions since Mayfair’s investment


The investment

With the growing trend towards the outsourcing of mission-critical ICT systems and infrastructure by SMEs and Enterprise clients alike, GCI identified a growth opportunity to offer an enhanced portfolio of technology services to these clients. Mayfair, with the Partners’ previous experience in backing the company’s high-performing management team, was the ideal partner to back GCI, helping to acquire and integrate several best-in-class companies while re-positioning GCI as the ICT services provider of choice to top-tier SMEs and Enterprise.

Our partnership

Mayfair has supported the business in several areas including:

  •  Supporting management in completing value accretive acquisitions which extend the company’s customer base while introducing further portfolio capabilities, including collaboration software specialist Modality Systems in 2019 and Nasstar PLC, a leader in cloud services and managed hosting, in 2020.

  •  Assisting seamless post-merger integration activities to ensure the full integration of businesses which have been acquired.

  • Supporting the team across a range of group-level marketing activity including customer research and brand design.

“The Mayfair Partners previously backed me at Easynet Global Service, and I was excited to have the opportunity to work with them again. I continue to be impressed by the broad range of skills and capabilities they bring to the table and their hard-working dedication to helping us achieve our big ambitions.”

Wayne Churchill, CEO of GCI