PORTFOLIO / Tour Partner Group

Building Europe’s leading inbound tour operator.



London, UK

Geographic footprint

Northern Europe, US




Investment date
October 2015



The company

Through a series of acquisitions, Tour Partner Group has grown to become the market leading Northern European operator of holidays for group travellers and for frequent independent travellers alike. Curating and coordinating everything from accommodation to transport, from guides to tourist attractions, the business facilitates travel experiences for more than 150,000 customers every year. The business primarily acts as a B2B provider offering travel solutions to travel agents and operators on behalf of their customers, with a high growth B2C business line in the United States. Tour Partner Group brings customers to the UK, Ireland and the Nordics from markets such as Germany, France, the United States and Asia.

Number of acquisitions during Mayfair’s investment 


New markets entered

United States, Ireland, Scotland and the Nordics

Headcount growth since Mayfair investment


The investment

Mayfair’s investment enabled the platform investment Hotels & More to quickly scale through a series of acquisitions in Denmark, Ireland, the UK and the United States. This scale has allowed the business to combine these acquisitions under a single unified brand whilst leveraging best practice across the group and building one of the strongest leadership teams in the industry.

Our partnership

Mayfair has worked extensively with Tour Partner Group in a range of areas:
  • Supporting several acquisitions, including Irish Welcome Tours (Ireland), Authentic Vacations (United States), Trans Nordic Tours (Denmark), and Experience Scotland (Scotland).
  • Establishing a central shared services platform, transforming the individual acquired businesses into one integrated group.
  • Strengthening the leadership team including the implementation of a new organisational structure.
  • Supporting the creation and launch of a new integrated Tour Partner Group brand.
  • Managing the group-wide adoption of new financial and operational systems, providing the group with a scalable platform which provides consistency in areas ranging from invoicing to business information and data warehousing.
  • Supporting management in implementing tools to better predict financial and commercial performance.

“Mayfair has been a fantastic partner for Tour Partner Group. They have been instrumental in the creation of the business having had the foresight to support the acquisitions that have allowed us to build the scale and presence we have today. The range of skills and capabilities they can deploy are rare in an investor; these have helped to accelerate our growth through M&A, to integrate these acquisitions, to support in the building of our shared service platform and to advise on the roll-out of best practice across the group.”

Paul Maine, CEO of Tour Partner Group