We partner with exceptional management teams to help them achieve extraordinary results. Focusing on the tech and consumer sectors, we invest in growing businesses across the UK, and internationally.

Our diverse but tight-knit team have been investing together for over a decade. We build trust-based partnerships with brilliant teams based on empathy, ambition and accountability.

“Having acquired YO! in 2015, Mayfair used the iconic UK restaurant business as the foundation to build a truly global Japanese food group, operating several brands across multiple formats throughout the world. We’ve worked in close partnership to drive organic growth and deliver strategic M&A to make YO! the largest purveyor of Japanese cuisine outside Japan.”
Richard Hodgson, CEO, YO!
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“Mayfair brings more than capital to the table. They bring a range of perspectives, skills and experiences that have been invaluable to our business and its success.”
Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome
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“Mayfair has been a great partner. They’ve worked closely with our team to deliver business transformation to drive innovation and accelerate growth. The range of capabilities in the Mayfair team, from operational effectiveness to digital marketing, has made a big contribution to our success.”
David Algar, Executive Chairman of Fox International
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“What attracted us most to Mayfair was their knowledge of our sector. They’ve deployed that knowledge to be a very supportive partner, helping us to develop new technology and expand in the United States.”
Eric Newnham, Founder of Talon
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Mayfair really bought into our vision. It was clear from the outset they weren’t going to be a passive shareholder but would be actively engaged, working with our team to identify and realise value. It really is a proper partnership.
Tom Carter, Founder and CTO of Ultraleap
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“We chose to work with Mayfair because of their long experience of price comparison websites and their breadth of expertise. They provide complementary skills to our team and, in a short timeframe, have become a highly valuable and trusted strategic partner.”
Soufiane Saadi, CEO of atHome Group
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“We wanted to work with Mayfair because of their partnership ethos, which was demonstrated at a very early stage, even before the deal was completed. Since then, our teams have developed a close working relationship built on mutual respect. They have shaped and executed a plan that has enabled our business to grow much faster and with far less risk.”
James Greenbury, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Parcel2Go
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“The Mayfair Partners previously backed me at Easynet Global Service, and I was excited to have the opportunity to work with them again. I continue to be impressed by the broad range of skills and capabilities they bring to the table and their hard-working dedication to helping us achieve our big ambitions.”
Wayne Churchill, former CEO of Nasstar
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